Frequently Asked Questions

These sections have been designed to help answer questions that you may have regarding Login, Register and Reset Password for Pension Planet Interactive.

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  1. What are the minimum requirements for running Pension Planet Interactive on my computer?

    The secure site can be used with most modern desktop browsers, including:

    Internet Explorer (Versions 10 and 11)
    Google Chrome

    The recommended minimum screen resolution for the best browsing experience is 1024x768.

  2. How do I commence registration?

    Please ensure that you have your mobile available to you as you register and your email account is open, as verification codes will be sent by text or email. Also, the process is designed to be completed quickly and in a single sitting, if you break away from registration process you will need to recommence.

    You can register by entering your mobile number and Date of Birth on the Registration page.

    If we can identify you from these pieces of information, you should be able to commence registration.

    If we can't identify you from these pieces of information, we will ask you for your email address and Date of Birth.

    Again if we can identify you from these pieces of information, you should be able to commence registration.

  3. What to do if you choose to "Sign in with Google"

    To use "Sign in with Google", you will need to have created a Google Account and to be signed into this account.

    You will need to allow Irish Life Corporate Business access to some of your Google Account information.

    You will then be able to log in by entering your mobile number and Date of Birth on the page.

    If we can identify you from these pieces of information, you should be able to continue through the process.

  4. I have entered Date of Birth, Email and/or mobile number but I am not recognised. What do I do?

    You need to contact us directly through email at Please remember to have your member/policy number available so we can confirm your details and help you as quickly as possible.

  5. I have entered Date of Birth, Email and/or mobile number but the details are already in use. What do I do?

    If you have already registered for Pension Planet Interactive, you can't register again. You should use your existing email and password to login.

  6. How do I login?

    Once you are registered, you can log in for Pension Planet Interactive using the email address you have chosen to use and the password you have selected.

  7. What happens if I forget my password?

    If you forget your password and you try to log on you will be shown an invalid log on screen. Please use the link 'Forgot Password?'. This link will bring you to a screen where you must enter your Email Address and Date of Birth.

    You will be presented with a screen that will ask for a verification code, this code will have been sent to your mobile as a text message (SMS) when you have entered your email address and date of birth.

    Upon updating the verification code, you will then be presented with a screen that will ask you to update your new password twice.

    Once you have done this you will be presented with member landing page for Pension Planet Interactive.

  8. How do I get my password reset?

    If you have entered an incorrect password more than 3 times, your access to your account will be locked.

    You will be directed to "Forgot Password" process to reset it.

    You will also receive a notification of a failed attempt to log in by email or SMS.

  9. I can't login. I have previously registered and the password reset is not working. Why is this?

    If you have not logged on within the past 12 months your account will be locked out and you will be required to reregister.

    If you are still unable to login after reregistering you should contact us directly through email at

  10. How do I ensure that my Pension Planet Interactive password is secure?

    Pension Planet Interactive enforces password standards to ensure that user's passwords are secure. Any time you change or reset your password, Pension Planet Interactive will show you a visual password strength meter to indicate how secure your password is.

    Insecure passwords are indicated by a red bar on the meter. Partially secure passwords are indicated with an amber bar, with secure passwords illustrated by a green bar.

    When you are choosing your password, remember the following guidelines to help you create a very secure password:


    Ensure that your password is at least 8 characters in length
    Use a mix of upper case and lower case characters
    Have a mix of both numbers and letters
    Use symbols such as @, *, + etc.


    Repeat the same character in your password eg: 'aaaa' or 'ababab'
    Use sequential characters in your password such as '1234' or 'abcd' or '1111'

    The most secure passwords will contain 3 or 4 of each of the following items:

    Uppercase Letters
    Lowercase Letters

    NOTE: If Pension Planet Interactive deems your password insecure, it will not permit you to use it.

  11. I was expecting an email from Pension Planet Interactive, but have not received it. Why is this?

    Pension Planet Interactive sends automatic email messages to users for a variety of reasons. For example, as part of the registration process user can receive email which will include a verification code.

    If you do not receive such an email, this can often be because your email program (e.g.: Outlook) has incorrectly categorised the email as 'spam' or 'junk' mail. To verify this, examine the contents of your spam or junk folder to see if it contains email messages that should not be categorised as such.

    In Microsoft Outlook, this folder is often called the "Junk E-mail" folder. If you find that a legitimate email message has been added to this folder, simply right click on the email message and choose the "Junk E-mail" option. This will then give you several sub-options. Select the "Add sender to safe senders list" option. This will ensure that further emails from that address are not incorrectly categorised as spam or junk.

    For instructions relating to other email programs, please contact your local support function or the email program vendor.

  12. Can anyone else view my records? How safe is my data on Pension Planet Interactive?

    Security on Pension Planet Interactive is taken very seriously. All of your data is secure and can only be accessed by using your Username and Password. You should never share your login details with anyone (including Irish Life staff). You should always store your password details in a safe place.

Irish Life will never send letters or emails requesting your Pension Planet Interactive login details!